Leading Disciples Of Christ in the Ministry

Disciplined Bible Study

Confidence to rightly divide the Word of truth and be approved of God.


Fulfill your purpose and replicate yourself by going forth and making disciples.

A Disciple of Jesus Christ is:


A Learner Is Called To Teach Other Learners And In The Process Makes More Learners

“As a disciple, a learner, I am encouraging you to become a pupil, a learner, and then as you progress as a disciple of Jesus Christ to do what I do and use the Diploma of Biblical Studies as a tool and guide to make another disciple. COGMA is here to help you”.

Bro Gil Reitsma

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COGMA was formed to provide a home base ministry teaching tool to equip and teach men and women of all ages, cultures, religious and educational backgrounds. It is the outreach ministry of the Church of God in Caloundra Australia.

COGMA provides its curriculum through Workbooks which are downloaded from this website. It is a system of study that is proven superior to a classroom environment type of teaching. This form of delivery puts the responsibility and accountability of learning on the student. It is the ideal form of study for adults.

COGMA holds to the words of Paul in 2 Timothy 2:2 which says: 

“And what things you heard from me through many witnesses, commit these things to faithful men, such as will be competent also to teach others”.



Philosophy is the systematic thinking that leads to how and what we do. It can be said that philosophy is the “wind that sets the sail”. It is governed by our ethic and moral compass.

At the core of the philosophy of COGMA is truth, love and justice that are encircled in compassion and understanding.

We had COGMA will never forget where we have come from and therefore identify with and have common ground with our students and those we ministered to.

If we could describe our philosophy in one line it would be as follows.



The mission of COGMA is to raise up and equip each student with the tools and the confidence to study the Word of God and receive the revelation from God Himself. 

To preach and teach the “certified” Gospel without fear or favor of denominational groups and sects and commit the same to other faithful brethren who are competent to teach others also.

“And what things you heard from me through many witnesses, commit these things to faithful men, such as
will be competent also to teach others.” 

2 Timothy 2:2

This is the “great commission” Jesus gave to all His disciples throughout the Gospel day: “to go make disciples”.


The Caloundra Church of God congregation meets all expenses and costs in preparing the Workbooks and the administration of COGMA.

The COGMA team gives their time freely on a volunteer basis.

We do however covet your financial help to support the mission work currently in Kenya and Uganda. These finances cover mission costs including travel, computers, printers, student Bibles, local support staff wages, and so forth as explained in the 2021 budget

Thank you for your support! – Bro Gil


150 xStudent Bibles$1500
3 XWorkbook Printers$2400
2 xSupervisor Support$6100
2 xIntl Travel/Accom/Car Hire$16000



The purpose and goal of COGMA are not to only raise up the body of Christ to have confidence and know the Word of God but to also duplicate themselves and make disciples.

A group of believers who know and understand that leadership is serving which is the very foundation of the Church of God.

Men and women, young people with the Spirit of God indwelling who are prepared to go into all the world and gather the lost and also raise them up to do likewise.

A learner is called to teach other learners and in the process, makes more learners


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We have made the process as streamlined and simple as possible, but there are steps necessary to ensure you understand the requirements to ensure the successful completion of your Diploma of Bible Studies course.

The Diploma of Biblical Studies is FREE and includes mentorship. It is your responsibility is to download the Workbooks and Assignments as required from our website here. Whatsapp and email may also be used both to request Workbooks and send completed assignments.

In some regions in Kenya and Uganda, it is possible to receive your Workbooks already printed for a small fee to cover costs. Your mentor will also be able to help and support you with uploading assignments and answer questions you may have. There is also an online support forum using WhatsApp exclusively for students so that immediate help is available.


  1. First, read the Diploma of Biblical Studies Overview Brochure which you can read or download in the accordion below.
  2. Complete the Student Online Application form on this page or download the Brochure and complete the attached application.  Then sent through WhatsApp or email it as per the instructions.
  3. When your application has been accepted you will a Student Identification number (ID) which you will use on your Assignments.
  4. You will be introduced to your Mentor who will help and encourage you as you work and complete your Diploma.


  • After your enrolment is confirmed and you receive your Student ID you will be able to commence immediately.

You can be assured that the team at COGMA and the brethren at the Church of God in Caloundra Australia will give you their full support and prayer.