About Mentorship

Mentorship is another word for the biblical term discipleship and conveys the meaning of both the process of communication and relationship. A Mentor has an invested interest in the person being mentored because that person is a member of the family of God. You could liken it to having physical children and the relationship you would have with them. They are your flesh and blood in whom you seek to replace yourself. As a Mentor, the relationship is exactly the same. As a spiritual father or mother, you seek to replace yourself in your spiritual sons and daughters.

In the very last words that Jesus spoke (before His ascension), which are found in Matthew 28, Jesus said “go you therefore and teach all nations”. The original text says it like this, “therefore having gone, disciple all nations”. Obviously, “nations” means people or people groups.

The word “teach” is the Greek word “matheteuo” which means: to disciple, be a disciple, to become a pupil. What is interesting is to whom Jesus gave this command to go and teach or disciple. We find the answer to this in verse 16 of the same chapter which says that Jesus spoke to His disciples.

The word disciple is the Greek word “mathetes” which means a learner, a pupil.

From this we learn an important truth that Jesus never appointed scholars, professors, and suchlike to teach others. For example, a truck driver can teach or disciple a university professor and vice versa.

A learner is called to teach other learners and in the process, makes more learners

Mentorship is not about academics or indoctrination but as Jesus taught; life and life skills. Jesus Himself is the Master; the Principal and from Him alone comes all knowledge and wisdom for us to live life in the will and purpose of God. That is the abundant life that Jesus came to give and impart in us.

A Mentor is a learner who gives of himself or herself, to teach others to become learners who then in turn follow and do likewise.